About Us

AlumnusOnline NPC

AlumnusOnline NPC is a non profit company (NPC) with the Reg. Number 2017/464348/08. The NPC is headquatered at Umhlanga,KwaZulu Natal, in South Africa. It is incorporated in accordance with the Companies Act 71 of 2008. It is further registered as a Non-Profit Organisation Ref. Number 209-639 NPO in terms ofthe Non-Profit Organisation Act 71 of 1997. Furthermore, the NPC is a registered Public Benefit Organisation with PBO Number 930062286 and operates primarily in furtherance of specific public benefit objectives, not least of which is: the provision offunds, assets, services or other resources by way of donations to educational institutions. In order to deliver on our mandate as captured in the NPC objectives, we have very carefully entered into partnerships with at least five strategic partners, who enjoy national and global reach, expertise and experience in their various sectors.


AlumnusOnline is a free online networking platform intended to facilitate and coordinate the active participation of the greater public in schools they once attended
as students and where, utilizing their existing ecosystem of networks, connections, expertise and resources, the alumni are able to give back to these institutions that
made them so that the current cohort of learners, teachers, school managers and the governing bodies in existence back there are maximally supported and assisted to
perform at optimum levels.

The platform also accommodates other interested individuals and corporates (non alumni) by encouraging them to support any schools of their choice as Friends of Schools. It also provides wide ranging online features to promote engagements between and among alumni and schools so that the alumni (and Friends of Schools) play a meaningful role at their schools.

To that extent, our online platform offers a holistic, nuanced and comprehensive education solution that takes on board the entire society in shaping the educational
outcomes of schools. Central to this effort is the introduction of extra support to schools in the form of social media communities that are established around schools,
made up mainly of people who are inextricably linked to each school: the alumni and Friends of Schools.

Our Vision

To be a leading online social networking platform for school alumni in Africa and globally, and live up to the adage that education is a societal issue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact education positively by linking every member of society with the schools they once attended, thereby ensuring that schools (alma maters) and
former students (alumni) form vibrant social media communities.

Our Objectives

  • To mobilize quality social media content as a medium to start conversations and heighten awareness about our civic duty towards nation-building,
    economic development and educational excellence.
  • To equip schools with a willing and passionate body of critical skill (in alumni) to serve as a formidable support structure for learners, teachers as well as school management and governance formations so that schools may produce quality educational outcomes.
  • To create an environment where inhibitors to excellent performance in schools are eliminated in a holistic way through a focus on school infrastructure
    upgrade, resource allocation, strategic governance and leadership, effective school management, teacher development and learner support.
  • To publicize and showcase good practices of social media communities who use their networks, expertise and resources to transform schools into centres of
  • To mobilize and give exposure to individuals, businesses and otherorganizations in their quest to support schools to deliver quality education.

Our Values

  • Ubuntu (I am because you are)
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • Patriotism
  • Loyalty