1. Introduction
    1. These Guidelines are provided in order to regulate the use of funds donated by Donors to Educational Institutions through the AlumnusOnline Platform.
    2. The objectives of these Guidelines are to ensure:
      1. The effective and authorised use of Donations by Educational Institutions;
      2. That proper checks and balances are implemented with regard to Donations; and
      3. The risks relating to misappropriation of Donations are minimised.
    3. These Guidelines shall apply to all Educational Institutions irrespective of whether such institutions are public or private institutions.
    1. Unless otherwise expressly stated, or the context otherwise requires, the words and expressions listed below shall, when used in these Guidelines or in any schedules hereto, bear the meanings ascribed to them below and cognate expressions bear corresponding meanings:
      1. “AlumnusOnline (NPC)” means a non-profit company incorporated and regulated by the Companies Act 71 of 2008;
      2. “Donate”/ “Donation” means funds donated by any Donor using the Platform for the benefit of a selected Educational Institution;
      3. “Donor” means a natural or juristic person who donates funds using the Platform;
      4. “Educational Institution” means all universities, colleges and schools registered on the Platform;
      5. “Guidelines” means these Guidelines for Educational Institutions;
      6. “Platform” means the AlumnusOnline application administered by AlumnusOnline (NPC).
    2. In these Guidelines:
      1. table of contents and paragraph headings are for purposes of reference only and shall not be used in interpretation;
      2. unless the context clearly indicates a contrary intention, any word connoting any gender includes the other genders, and the singular includes the plural and vice versa;
      3. When a number of days are prescribed such number shall exclude the first and include the last day unless the last day is not a business day, in which case the last day shall be the next succeeding business day.
      4. A reference to a business day is a reference to any day excluding Saturday, Sunday and a public holiday in the RSA.
    1. Educational Institutions shall undergo an extensive authentication and verification process which shall be undertaken by AlumnusOnline (NPC).
    2. Upon the successful authentication and verification of an Educational Institution, it shall be registered on the Platform and shall be allocated a unique school code.
    3. Donors shall use the unique school code of the respective Educational Institution as a reference when making a Donation in order for their Donation to be tracked.
    1. Donation instruction
      1. A Donor may elect to have their Donation paid directly to the chosen Educational Institution alternatively, their Donation may be used for the benefit of the chosen Educational Institution through the procurement of a qualified and vetted third party service provider.
      2. A Donor may direct or instruct that their Donation be used for one or more of the following purposes:
        1. Day to Day operations: payment of caretaker salaries, water and electricity costs, general maintenance, cleaning, security and other expenses as determined by the Donor;
        2. Upgrade of the Educational Institution’s infrastructure: Buildings, fencing, ITC support, furniture, equipment, minor renovations, construction of identified and approved new facilities, sports equipment and any other facilities as determined by the Donor;
        3. Support to current students; Payment of tuitions, uniforms and shoes, textbooks, stationery, incentives, student subsistence, support programmes; providing of electronic devices; transportation of students and any other support as determined by the Donor;
        4. Teacher support and incentives; Development workshops and programmes, curriculum support, incentives, team building, pay salaries, bonuses or grant loans to staff of the Educational Institution as determined by the Donor;
        5. School leadership and management support; Financial management, school management programmes, mentorship, incubation programmes and any other support as determined by the Donor;
        6. Special fund; Vis Major (Acts of God); or
        7. Specific events hosted by the Educational Institution. Fundraisers, career exhibitions, sports day, family day and any other event as determined by the Donor.
      3. In the event that the total funds collected by AlumnusOnline (NPC) are insufficient to execute the selected purpose, of a Donor, after a period of 12 months:
        1. The donated funds shall be used for any one of the other purposes set out in clause 4.1.2 above.
        2. AlumnusOnline (NPC) will consult the respective Educational Institution in order to determine the alternate use of the funds.
    2. Procurement of goods and services on behalf of an Educational Institution In the event of a Donor electing to have their Donation utilised for the benefit of an Educational Institution:
      1. The Supply Chain Engineer of AlumnusOnline (NPC) shall obtain quotations/proposals from reputable and qualified service providers to execute the required purpose.
      2. The Supply Chain Engineer, together with AlumnusOnline (NPC), shall select the most suitably qualified service provider.
      3. AlumnusOnline (NPC) shall pay the appointed service provider for their rendered services.
      4. The Supply Chain Engineer shall also, in the event of an Educational Institution being in need of a specific good or object, source quotations from various stores and shall with the approval of AlumnusOnline (NPC), attend to purchase for the benefit of the Educational Institution.
    3. Direct payment : In the event that a Donor has elected that their Donation be paid directly to an Educational Institution, such Donation shall be paid directly to the Educational Institution’s bank account by AlumnusOnline (NPC).
    4. Requirements for day to day operations
      1. Day-to-day operational expenses must be reasonable and market-related;
      2. Heads of the Educational Institutions are required to account for the use of a Donation for the Educational Institution’s day-to-day operations on a quarterly basis by providing invoices, statements and a breakdown of the costs incurred.
    1. Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
      1. Donors who donate to Educational institutions shall receive a letter from AlumnusOnline (NPC) to count towards their overall BBBEE level at the end of each financial year.
      2. Educational Institutions are mandated to engage in stringent and accurate record keeping of class lists and birth certificates or identity documents of each student enrolled at the institution.
      3. The Educational Institution shall provide the accurate demographic composition (i.e. the percentage of black beneficiaries enrolled at the Educational Institution) to AlumnusOnline (NPC) to compile the letter referred to in clause 5.1.1 above.
      4. Demographics of the Educational Institution must be determined annually.
      5. Heads of Educational Institutions must issue a letter accounting for the use of funds to the benefit of the students of the Educational Institution.
      6. Educational Institutions must allow AlumnusOnline (NPC) full access to their class lists and identity documentation for auditing purposes.
      7. Educational Institutions are prohibited from providing AlumnusOnline (NPC) with inaccurate or obsolete records.
      8. Educational Institutions must not engage in any dishonest and/or fraudulent and/or negligent activities in relation to the reporting of BBBEE statistics.
    1. Ultimate accountability lies with the head of each Educational Institution in ensuring compliance with the following responsibilities:
      1. General
        1. Educational Institutions must appoint a liaison officer and provide AlumnusOnline (NPC) with the contact details of the appointed liaison officer. Educational Institutions are responsible for promptly notifying AlumnusOnline (NPC) of any changes to the liaison officer or their relevant contact details
        2. Educational Institutions must provide AlumnusOnline (NPC) with an explanation of the practices that have been implemented in accordance with these Guidelines and the progress made towards achieving the outcomes. Any deviations from these Guidelines must be reported to AlumnusOnline (NPC) accompanied with detailed reasons for non-compliance.
      2. Donations

        Educational Institutions must strive to ensure and achieve the following:

        1. that the ultimate beneficiaries of Donations are by majority students;
        2. keep a detailed and up-to-date record of funds received and the subsequent expenditure of such funds;
        3. adequate internal controls in administering funds received;
        4. production of annual financial statements.
        5. report to AlumnusOnline (NPC) on a quarterly basis. The report must contain an explanation of the application of internal controls, BBBEE records and expenditure must be applied and explained.
        6. access to their financial records by AlumnusOnline (NPC) for auditing purposes.
        7. not engage in any dishonest and/or fraudulent and/or negligent activities in relation to the reporting of financial information.
    1. AlumnusOnline (NPC) may amend these Guidelines at any time as AlumnusOnline (NPC) deem fit and shall apply to all Educational Institutions.
    1. These Guidelines or any amendments thereof shall take effect immediately after publication on the AlumnusOnline (NPC) website at