Frequently Asked Questions

How is AlumnusOnline different from other social networks?

AlumnusOnline is very specific in its focus on bringing together alumni from particular schools and getting them to play a meaningful role in their former schools. Other social networks are for connecting or networking for its own sake, mostly informally. AlumnusOnline is a social network with a specific purpose, and that is ‘school development’.

If I use my personal information, what guarantees are there that the information is secure with AlumnusOnline?

We have partnered with a reputable global IT firm for that very reason, among other things. Security and confidentiality of information is of utmost importance to us, and will remain one of our key priorities.

Is there any information that I can rely on as a guide on how AlumnusOnline works?

Please click on ‘Guidelines’ on the menu bar for detailed guidelines on how the platform, AlumnusOnline, works. It is informative for the school, the alumni themselves and even business community (the potential donors).

Are there any Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy to read before I participate on AlumnusOnline?

That is the most important question. Before you log in you will be expected to accept Terms & Conditions for use. Please take time and read these carefully so
that you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into. And yes, there is a Privacy Policy that must also be read very carefully.

Who is responsible for the Administration of AlumnusOnline at school level?

This is the most critical person or persons in the success or failure of the school to benefit maximally from AlumnusOnline. The school will be expected very carefully to identify individuals among staff (hopefully social media/social network savvy) to be responsible for the administration of the platform at school level. Such people must first familiarize themselves with the Terms and Conditions and other guidelines on the use of the platform, lest they find themselves on the wrong side of those T’s & C’s.

How do the current students get involved in the platform?

Apart from being major beneficiaries of the initiative, current students are also the future alumni in their own right. Again, it is up to the school social community as to which grades stand to benefit the most and therefore must be exposed to the platform. Otherwise, there are many resources that are meant for students of all different grades that may be made available to current students by the alumni through our platform.

Who decides who should be the Ambassador of a school?

It is up to the school and its broader social community who becomes the  Ambassador. We can only advise that Alumni themselves have a say in who is suitable for this critical position.

How do I determine which school to register under if I attended more than 2 schools as a student?

The platform allows users to register up to 5 different schools and the user becomes an alumnus/friend of school of all 5 schools at the same time. As an alumnus/Friend of School he/she can choose at any given point in which school he/she participates.

Is this platform for Primary or Secondary schools?

This platform is meant to benefit all schools whether Primary or Secondary. In fact, there are ‘tertiary’ schools that have made inquiries and expressed interest in participating in AlumnusOnline as well.

Is there an online assistance if I experience problems with my connection?

Users who experience any difficulties with our platform must click ‘Support’ on the menu bar and lodge a query online; such a query will receive attention in the shortest possible turnaround time.

What role do AlumnusOnline partners play in all of this?

In a nutshell, the firm of attorneys is responsible for all the legalities and compliance issues; the firm of accountants is responsible for the management of donations and accountability on their use; the IT firm is responsible for the hosting, management of risk and overall efficiency of the platform.

Are the schools obliged to publicize my donation to them?

Schools are not obliged to make public any donations received unless the donor determines that or has no problems with it. Therefore, whether the donation is made public or not depends entirely on the agreement between donor and the school.

Why should businesses get involved with helping schools through AlumnusOnline?

Business simply does not have the time, the expertise and capacity to manage donations from end to end, ensuring efficiency, accountability and compliance at the same time. AlumnusOnline takes over the burden. Elsewhere we have also mentioned other direct benefits of using AlumnusOnline, not least of which are the Tax Exemption certificates and BBBEE Profile potential upgrade. And this is over and above being a good corporate citizen.

Why should I use AlumnusOnline as opposed to going directly to my former school or school of choice?

Because of our partnership with firms of attorneys, accountants, and IT, AlumnusOnline has the capacity and the expertise to absorb the burden of ensuring a legal, accountable and efficient donation management, giving donors peace of mind, and saving them time. Where donor companies are involved, we give them a collation of records that they can produce to help improve their  BBBEE status. AlumnusOnline is also registered as a Public Benefit Organization (PBO), giving it a privilege to dispense Tax Exemption certificates (for individuals and companies).

How much does it cost to be part of AlumnusOnline?

Other than your data, it costs absolutely nothing to use AlumnusOnline; even the App can be downloaded free of charge.

Is it possible to register if my former school does not appear on the AlumnusOnline list?

This is possible, but you will not be able to link up with the school or use the platform in any meaningful way until the school has also registered. It would be advisable to reach out to the school and alert them that they must be registered to benefit from the platform since it is a free service.

Is it wrong to use fake personal details for registration for confidentiality purposes?

It is not recommended to use wrong details because the school would like to know the real details of alumni, Friends of Schools and even current students. At AlumnusOnline confidentiality is guaranteed (T’s & C’s apply). Besides, if you use wrong details and you happen to donate to a school of your choice, for example, the Tax Exemption certificate, benefits, incentives and other notifications will be
sent to the contact details registered with AlumnusOnline.

Is it necessary for me to register with my school even though I’m still unemployed and I cannot donate anything?

Everyone may register with any school regardless of employment status. There are many features that one can use to benefit one’s school of choice at AlumnusOnline other than donating money. Besides, every school would like to account for every single one of its former students. Also, there is always a chance that the more successful alumni may assist their fellow alumni who are less successful to further their careers. It is provided for in our platform.

How do I donate to my school?

It is very easy … To be eligible to donate you must be a registered user of AlumnusOnline. To make a donation you log in, go to the dashboard, select
‘Donations’ and then select ‘Donor Options’. This way you show how you would like your donation to reach the school. Then click the preferred option and enter
the amount of donation; then select ‘Online’ (and use VISA or Mastercard) or ‘Direct’ payment (and use the Banking Details supplied there). Once that is
completed you then receive a payment notification (and the school also receives its donation notification).


The monies are not released to the school until we have conducted an audit to determine that the school, in fact, does have systems in place to account on the use of the donations they received. Secondly, depending on the donors, the school may receive a service instead of money/cash. In those instances we utilise our reputable partners of accountants and attorneys to ensure that the best service is delivered to the school by a deserving service provider, at a reasonable cost to the donor or school. We act in the interest of the donor. This may be followed up with a full report to the donor concerned.