Alumni Database Management

Each school has online access to a full list of alumni that are registered under it in our platform, thereby alleviating the need for them constantly to be in search of ‘lost’ alumni while also battling to manage the database; this list updates automatically as more and more former students register with their former schools in the platform, and registered schools have full access to it.

Find An Alumnus

Our platform helps alumni to search and locate fellow alumni nearest to them anywhere in the world; it provides them with an opportunity to reconnect,network and reminisce
with others wherever they may be in the world, provided those alumni are also registered under their school names.

Global Search

The feature is, in many ways, similar to the one above except that the searcher is not limited to people from his / her former school. One can search to find out the profile of anybody who is registered in the platform, regardless of where the individual being searched went to school; but the searcher can only access the information that the one being searched has kept ‘public’.

School Directory

The platform can provide the searcher with a directory of all schools registered with us in terms of geographical location: country, state/province, city/town;for obvious reasons, this directory will continuously grow as more and more schools are registered with the platform, and as more and more former students encourage their former schools to be registered so that they may support them.

Resources for current students

The platform makes provision for alumni to deposit directly into the school’s repository various resources for use by the current crop of students; these include information on Career Guidance, Internships & Vacation Job Opportunities, Bursaries & Scholarships, Educational & Subject Related Programmes, Inspirational Messages as well as replies to current students’ questions on ‘Ask An Alumnus’.

Donations Gateway

The platform is also equipped with a gateway for users (alumni and non-alumni) to donate money directly to the schools of their choice; our partner, a reputable, Accounting Firm,  will monitor these donations and account to donors for every single one of them. Donors receive automatic notifications on their donations made
through our platform and schools get notifications when a donation is made to them too.


We have various discussion forums that deal with various topics where alumni can contribute their useful ideas on topical issues with the sole aim of shaping the development of the school; these forums are formal and are not meant to be used for socializing in any way informal; school development, in its various manifestations, should inherently be the subject of discussion in the various forums.


There is an informative central blog targeted at all schools’ social media communities within our registry; it will address different subjects that empower both alumni and schools, and promote school development; importantly, the platform provides that schools too should have their own individual blogs that they use to convey important messages to their various social communities.


Our platform is enabled with a Polling system where the schools’ social media communities (alumni, Friends of School, even students, on odd occasions) can contribute their views by ‘voting’ on topics that are discussed around the development of their schools so that they may feel part and parcel of the decision-making processes of the schools.

Newsletter Portal

For the convenience of schools, there is a gateway for them to publish their newsletters to reach a wider school community including all alumni, who may have moved away from the vicinity of the schools but still interested to know of the developments back there, Friends of School and current students. At the press of the button all these people receive the newsletter, saving the school printing costs and time, even if they are overseas.


AlumnusOnline is also a platform for schools to advertise upcoming events to a relevant audience, free of charge, whilst at the same time allowing the schools an opportunity to showcase past events to those who may have missed them. Events are a lifeblood for most schools, and the platform allows schools to capitalize maximally on this medium. The events calendar is readily designed and easy to follow.

Good Stories

Good stories coming from schools often draw a positive sentiment towards those schools. The platform therefore enables the schools to share some of the heartwarming stories and incidents that come out of them; this may include success stories by students, teachers or school management; there could also be major accomplishments by the school or even kind gestures by some Individuals and Friends of School towards the school which may need to be highlighted.

Wall of Fame

We also have a ‘Wall of Fame’ that captures the history of the schools online through the medium of achievements, prowess and episodes of grandeur by various legends (or all-time ‘Greats’) of the school; the ‘greats’ may include the founders of the school, outstanding head masters/mistresses, teachers, students, sports stars, matrons/boarding masters or anyone of that ilk.

Ambassador Page

Our online platform also allows for the revered and distinguished former student to be an Ambassador of the school and to have a dedicated page on the school portal; the page is normally used to upload his/her picture, profile and also to publish his / her regular message of inspiration to the rest of the school community. He also becomes the face of the school in its various campaigns.

Casual Networking Platform

We also offer a trendy portal for more informal social networking by students, alumni and even Friends of School; this portal is meant for users to engage in lighthearted conversations, under casual conditions compared to, for example, the Forums; but here too, the school is central to the discussions.


Individuals, corporates and other organizations with an interest in education will be able to showcase their goodwill and benevolence as corporate citizens through our platform. The platform shall always endeavor at all material times to identify and profile ‘Good Samaritans’ who are quietly doing great things for schools. But schools themselves must use their own platforms that we give them to give publicity to these good (corporate) citizens.

Tax Exemption Certificates and BBBEE Profile

Companies donating through our platform are entitled to Tax Deductions and also receive a collation of documents that will help improve their BBBEE profile; individuals, on the other hand, benefit from an automated Tax Exemption Certification system provided by our platform.

Social Media Integration

AlumnusOnline is integration-enabled to make it easy to link up with other mainstream social media networks.

Building of Social Media Communities

Through these various features we shall keep alumni communities involved in their former schools; we shall also be using competitions, other incentives and various other means to build the social media communities on behalf of the schools, and to keep them engaged.